Genome Analysis, Unleashed.

Meet Genogra

Our Vision

We want to democratize the access to genome analysis by providing accurate and fast tools, with an unprecedented ease of usage. 

Our Technology

GenoGra’s analysis platform provides outstanding performance of analysis and a whole new way to look into DNA and RNA data. To achieve that, our tools leverage an innovative representation of genomic sequences, called genome graphs, and a proprietary “search engine” to rapidly analyze them.

Our Story

We started our journey as passionate researchers with a clear purpose: make genome analysis faster and more accessible. After many years of research, we felt the need to strengthen our impact on genomics by bringing on the market the results of our hard work.

Our Technology

01/ Easy

Our platform is designed to provide the best experience to different kinds of users, from academic researchers to clinicians. We offer specific tools and analysis workflows for disparate purposes, as well as custom user interfaces that match the needs of our users.

02/ Accurate

Our graphs can naturally encode the intra-individual and inter-individual variability of the genome in a way that best depicts the biological reality of nucleotide sequences. This makes our software tools more accurate than “classical” solutions, especially when handling complex variations.

03/ Fast

Our tools are implemented with performance in mind: we leverage a hardware-software co-design approach to maximise the efficiency of our solutions without compromising their ease of usage.