GenoGra and BGenetica: a collaboration to validate innovative genome analysis solutions

BGenetica was born in 2015 from the idea of two genetic physicians, Sebastiano Bianca and Chiara Barone, out of a desire to share both their professionalism and human approach to dealing with different genetic issues.

Thus, the BGenetica logo was born, merging the letter B, the initial letter of the two surnames, with the word Genetica (i.e., “genetics” in Italian) and wrapping everything inside the DNA double helix. The logo includes the words “GeneticCare” to emphasize the human, innovative, and global spirit that guides the two geneticists in caring for the person, the couple, or the entire family unit afferent to genetic counseling.

In recent years the team has been strengthened with the entry of new professionals with both medical and organizational roles, communication management, web and social channels management, and brand awareness.

BGenetica is involved in genetic counseling in reproductive, prenatal, clinical, oncogenetic, and forensic fields. They have extensive scientific production to their credit, with numerous publications in international journals. Over the years, they have also initiated several collaborations with laboratories and genetics institutes operating nationally and internationally and have several ongoing partnerships for performing genetic investigations and their interpretation. They also started a series of collaborations with various Patient and Family Associations for joint initiatives completely free of charge aimed at developing projects to raise awareness, integration or collaboration with a social background.

In May 2023, BGenetica signed a memorandum of understanding with Politecnico di Milano for GenoGra’s activities, making themselves available to test and validate our genome analysis platform and provide feedback that can help us improve the experience provided to users in the clinical setting.

We are definitely happy to announce the beginning of this collaboration, which brings us a step closer to achieving our mission: to make genome analysis simple, efficient, and accessible to all.